Friday, August 18, 2006

Many forms has thou - 5

You can find a previous attempt at conveying the same thing here.
And previous parts 1, 2 and 3 and 4

There is something about love - Long distance love

There is something about love,
that makes me , the lazy one,
travel far and long, in the hot sun,
just so i can see,
your heart smile through your lips,
and joy doing a little dance in your eyes..
at the sight of me!

PS: Oh Yes..i visited my nephew Sriram!!!


Known Stranger said...

i was reading your old one of this
on Friday, March 17, 2006

and just tried to open the latest found the same one.. a moment felt - oh is it same. then realised you have parts hmm going through one by one . let me get from the part 1

Jeevan said...

your heart smile through your lips! so cute:)

Vinesh said...

long distance love is sweetened by the distance and the yearning

Anonymous said...

You should have put that PS as PPS (precautionary/preemptive PS) :))

Do u stay there with him long enough to get sleep deprived (when he cries all night??) - you enjoy that too? - just curious.

monu said...

@known stranger
:)..i can be repeatedly boring

thank u!

yes, certainly the yearning!!

he doesnt cry all night now..he is a big boy you see, all of four months ..
he plays and smiles all the more...
been contemplating if i shopudl put his picture here or not
stayed for two days and a night..thats it..but he will be coming abck to chennai soon, and i shall visit him more often...
Thanks for asking!!

Anonymous said...

My mY!
U seem so crazy that one can say that u have a crush on him :)... [lets wait and see how you react when he reaches "terrible two" ]
Posting pictures are a tough bet... May be it is better to paint a pen picture and leave it there..
Thanks for answering.

Known Stranger said...

repeatedly boring is what we need to say. Fine - i love repeted boring. does that make sense to your statmetn. I am little stern in givign this reply