Friday, March 17, 2006

Many forms has thou - 4

I was inspired by this .
You can find a previous attempt at conveying the same thing here.
And previous parts 1, 2 and 3.

There is something about love

There are things I do,
that dont benefit me in anyway.

I could have learnt a life saving skill,
in that time , for time doesnt wait...
or better still, i could have done something,
that would have fetched me some money.

Yet i choose to romance with that thing that i do,
that thing which i do, simply for the love of it.

I continue to be so,
even when some call that,
a waste of time
Should I rather be,
chasing more fruitful dreams?
For nobody tells me,
that I am good in that thing,
that i so love to do!

Ah! It would be so nice,
to be told once, but once,
that I am good at it..
But never have i heard it...

But i go on, as a silent soldier,
with my little attempts at conquering,
that little mistress of mine,
that little thing i can call a hobby...

Sometimes, I wonder,
and Think to myself,
This must be the magic of love...
to do things, just because you love to do them
and nothing more....nothing more........


Anonymous said...


smiley said...

i thought u wouldn't be looking at the monitor for a few days avoiding any strain to ur eyes :)

Chaos said...

Wow!!! Now stuff starts coming out

M. said...

good stuff

M. said...

good stuff

M. said...

good stuff

Jayan said...

Hey, you seem to have moved from the power-packed 4-liners to longer poems.

Please keep the shorter ones coming !

Jeevan said...

If i was love to do some thing, but for other it will not look good, they dont know the reason why i love to do that. Nice one :)

monu said...


will try to!

triple thanks!

what do u mean?

so sweet of u!
I did take proper care of my eyes!