Thursday, March 16, 2006

A question of perception

You came to me,
When my vision of life
Was just beginning to get hazy.
You changed my perception,
I must say!

Like the first few days of a new romance,
I showed initial concern towards you.
May be an obsession too…
And since things change,
Like it does in real romances,
I soon got fed up of you

But regardless of how I treated you,
You came along,
Helping me when I needed you the most.

With age, comes a kind of maturity,
That can look beyond the initial fragrance
Of anything new…
I knew you would be there for me ..
And I began to treat you with a new found love…

But dear one, move on I must.
And hence I do.
I will still cherish you and all that we had together

How can I forget the first time
You perched upon my nose.
I could be as naughty,
But get away with that studious look

And the first time when I took you close to my eyes,
The joy on being able to see crystal clear,
Without anything sitting on one’s nose.

Hmmm…..I move on….

I plan to do the laser surgery coming sat (18/3) and have taken a break after that.
I wouldn’t need specs or Contact lenses after that hopefully!

I wanted to write about this and couldnt find a better way......

So till I get back, c ya!


Prabu Karthik said...

you sure wud not need..
feel better and enjoy the new found freedom from glasses and lenses

Jeevan said...

Nice one. hope all will go well, my pray for u:)

divyasurendiran said...

All the best monu!

smiley said...


monu said...


thank you



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Known Stranger said...

a very good one of yorus i had read til now

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work