Monday, December 26, 2005

Many forms has thou..........

Love has many forms....

The love of a sibling

She is pregnant..most of her clothes don’t fit her now…..
But among the few, that do fit her, she would take the best and send it over to me,
Saying that it fit her no more…..lying , ofcourse…
So I could have more variety to wear!!!!

The love of an ever-complaining wife

I love you so much,
And have so filled my life with you,
That sometimes I fail to recognize,
That there may be other things,
That you need to attend to…

I complain and try to seek your attention,
I taunt about a mistake done long back
and never ever repeated……
so your guilt might want you to spend some time with me….

But when I see other pressures mount on you,
I understand….
Sorry for my foolishness…..


Jayan said...

That wud qualify for "Polymorphism" :P

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Nice one Monu.!!

So the sibling is a sister...and the wife part..was very nice.!! I have a wife..and I can relate.!!! I am not sure if you are married be so accurate.!!

What about the love of Brothers/dad/momhubby/Boyfriend/girlfriend/bestfriend/grandparents etc..etc.!!! :)

monu said...


@narayanan sir
i am not married...but am very observant
the sibling was indeed about the sister

monu said...

@narayana sir
i hope to write some stuff on those too...there is a little bit of love in all relationships!

tamilan said...

lucky to have a sibling of the same size!!! especially if they are the same size after marriage !!!

monu said...

tough i guess!
but lucky ones are there