Friday, December 23, 2005

An Irony

I always wonder….

She would get angry in a flash , just like that….simple things would provoke her. Her fragile fair face would turn all red, her beautiful doe-like eyes would turn all watery..she would hold back her tears..she was hurt, it was obvious, but she would rather show the anger and not the hurt. Hurt would be a weekness, a sign of that deep affection huddled up in a safe corner of her heart, she wouldn’t let that show then…….

And then she would speak angry words, weapons that would tear your heart into pieces….

But all that was just for a day…the very next day, she would come with that smile in her eyes like nothing ever happened between the two of you…she would start her normal banter..and do everything normally….

You would still be holding onto escapist words that were not meant….

To the world, she was the angry one...You were the mature one!!!!


Manoj said...

Nicely written...ouch


Jeevan said...

nice one. when we get angry we dont know what we are doing,and feel afterward.

monu said...

why the "ouch"?

yes...i am so like that!