Friday, December 23, 2005

some scribbles to fill my blog

-> "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true"

That was a line from the alchemist…guess what I figured out that it such I am a hard-core optimist, I walk through life’s lanes looking for signs that re-inforce my optimism, else I make up my own optimism never wavers…

So how did I figure out that if I want something badly enough, the universe would conspire with me and let me have it?

Well, through a piece of rasgulla….crazy right???Yesterday I got this sudden urge to eat rasgulla…I want rasgulla, I kept repeating for a major portion of the , I didn’t buy it and have…am too lazy for that,I just went home and forgot all about rasgulla…..

Today, I went for an early lunch.Surprise!Surprise! Todays’ menu had rasgulla…! Why did it have to be rasgulla today..not some other sweet????
So , yet another sign for me….i always believed that I can have anything I want, as long as I want it badly enough…one piece of rasgulla re-inforced it!!!!!

->The person who interviewed me and probably decided to hire me is leaving my organization…I felt a sudden sadness…I carry heaps of gratitude, I don’t easily forget…..i was fat as a that i think back, i think ,may be it was just my elephantine memory!!!!


Manoj said...

Its hard for me to pick a favorite...but I love the conversation between the boy and the sun. Try reading 'Celestine Prophecy' as well...It starts of with the 'coincidences' which happens in life every now and then(Like the rasagulla miracle). Bit of "masala" in some parts but the message conveyed overall is good.

Dont do the mistake of buying Alchemist from Landmark. It is around Rs.90 or 190(I cannot really recall) whereas you can get 3 of PC's book at Moore market for the same rate. Try getting 'Veronika decides to die' and 'The devil and miss prymm' along with the Alchemist . Heard that the latest book, 'Zahir', is good as well.

Well thats enough advice for one day. Happy reading.


Jayan said...

When I put the book down, I felt that The Alchemist was just another crappy attempt at writing. Could not associate to anything said in that book. It was the beginning of a series of pathetic reads .... Monk who sold his Ferarri was the next !!!!

Jeevan said...

Me too like rasagulla

Prabu Karthik said...

hmm. manoj is right. me reading zahir now.

monu said...

i have always bought books from moore market!
even books for our college....
thanks for your suggestions..i will try them out....

opinions differ i suppose
i loed the was ot preachy but it was suggestive of optimism through and through....
:)..the monk was majorly bad..i agree withu..i couldnt complete the book...

another person with a sweet tooth like me!

so now i know whom to borrow the book from