Thursday, March 30, 2006


It had been sometime since I have blogged…

First things first, My surgery went through just fine. I was scared about it….extremely scared when I was asked to lie down in the operation the LASER correction isn’t exactly a surgery, there is no cut–open..but still I was scared. Things went fine. I had to endure some pain for some three hours but then I enjoyed looking at the world without the aid of specs or lenses..Of late I had really begun to hate my lenses, they were a real pain, I tell you.

And then I had a blissful one week off. The last time I stayed at home for that long was when it rained cats and dogs in Chennai…

And then I had this oracle exam that I had registered for, before I decided to get my eyes operated. Anyways, I managed to do an OK preparation and cleared it too..and now people, I am OCA (Oracle Certified Associate). Feels nice…


Rebound said...


monu said...

thats a nice id sanju!

Jayan said...

Take special care. Is this the same as LASIK ?

I heard from a friend who has been operated upon for LASIK that you will have to be a bit careful against retina discharge in rare cases.

Kay said...

Renduliyum Kalakite nu sollu :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Congratulations on the OCA.!! Way to go.!

So was this the Lasik surgery? Everyone raves about it !

Kay LOL :)

Jeevan said...

Hope u get a good views from your eyes after the Surgery:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back:)
Congrats for the OCA.

monu said...

yes..but since i had cylindrical power i went in for something called zyoptix.

I was just asked not to rub my eyes. else things are fine

sema thought process....

@narayanan venkitu is....mine was called ZYOPTIX.
being able to c without glasses or contact lenses is a boon for a person who has used them for wutie long!

probably thats y people rave abt it!

my eyes are fine jeevan!


smiley said...

freedom... :)with a clearer vision, have fun.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

congratulations on the OCA certification

i dunno wht it means thought

i like my specs, adu enakku romba vasadhia irukku, lens i don actually wear, someing inside my eye is scary for me,

monu said...


if you use soft lens, it hardly makes its presence felt.....
but a pain nevertheless, as you have to clean the lens, cant rub your eyes with it, cant sleep with the lens is specs, if ur power is not too high!!!!!

Thanks, OCA is just a certification provided by oracle like the ones provided by microsoft...i am not sure of that comparison though

Known Stranger said...

i made a big mess in april 2002 when i need to undergo a surgery. I was makign a scene that i dont want anesthicia - i want to watch the blood and feel the pain of cut and flesh of mine.. after a big argument - i agreed to get local anesthisa and then teh nexe sceene started - alambal.. i am not able to see what is being done - get me a mirror and hang over my head with inclination..

that doctor got paranoid. evne now when he sees me - he gets paranoid even to keep a thermometer to check my temperatuere.. ah aha h