Monday, April 03, 2006

While at a meeting.....

My additon to Murphy's many laws:

Law 1 : You will get a call only when you are in a meeting and are not allowed to answer the call. The call will be from a number you haven’t stored in your cell phone.

Law 2 : And when you do call back due to curiosity, the person in the other end will say wrong number and additionally, it will be a STD call!!!!!

As bonus for reading my blog, I present to you the following from a mail
Click on pic to see bigger.


Anonymous said...

Murphy's many laws +m monu's + mine..
Just when u want to comment sis call u :)
Gotta go... i will say more later:)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

murphys law ellam sooper, ingaiyum lankama? blog padika lanjama? idu konjam over-a illai?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

and id like to see u use F%*$& an O$*$& whtever they r ;)

monu said...

thanks for commenting anyways!

lanjam kudukkaama ethuvume nadakka maattengudhu!
all those things about before and after college struck a chord in me!

Manoj said...

Murphy's law...what can I say. Its amazing in a lot of ways. Especially if you know the antithesis.

Example :

Murphy's law : Death is nature's way of telling you to plan ahead

Antithesis : Life is nature's way of telling you to live in the present moment.

Provides a beautiful insight into the duality which exists within everything.


Vinesh said...

very nice law!

actually happened to me once!

Kaps said...

here is the original post which had this table -

Jeevan said...

Nice one. every one is very normal before they enter collage, after collage they changed, for doing "Bantha" (dont know english meaning):)

monu said...


thanks for that one!
i got it thru a mail, yet another fwd from a blog

i think it is because of the money that they suddebnly can get their hands on!

monu said...

oops..missed your comment
i loved was oozing wiht optimism and thats how i like to look at life!

Known Stranger said...

hiehei iheiei - i am happy to know i havent changed even after 6 years of college. okka makka...

Anonymous said...

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