Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How is it that.......

There’s a method in the madness,
There’s music in all that noise,
There’s unity in those little conflicts…
There’s a child in those grown-ups , and,
There’s a grown-up in every child.
There’s consideration in indifference
There’s intrusion and privacy….
There’s a patience to all that hurry….
And there’s space in that constriction!

Is this what you can call Joint-Family?


ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice poem, sooper a u captured the things in a kootu kudumbam

Anonymous said...

I am trying to put up a counter to all that...but I cant:). U are right.
But I value my freedom...Joint families scare me to suffacation ;)

monu said...


well, you can have a certain degree of freedom there too..but just like the other things in life, each has its pros and cons!

Casement said...

"There’s a child in those grown-ups , and,
There’s a grown-up in every child."

You're so right about this. I was mature as a kid and became kiddish as I matured:P

monu said...

come to think of it, me 5 yr old nephew calls me by name and thinks i am his best friend!

Known Stranger said...

in every pain
a lesson is hidden
and every happiness
hides a pain.

is it called duality