Thursday, April 06, 2006

On a Loop

On one of my sad days,
When I have nothing to cheer about..
I would walk by,
And simply let life happen to me.

And out of nowhere,
Past would catch up with me,
And some stranger would tell me,
That I made them smile,
Sometime, a long time back!

And it would make all the difference,
To me then…..

What goes around, comes around!


Kay said...

If this is one of your sad days....

And out of nowhere,
Past is catching you up,
And i am that some stranger telling you,
That you wrote a post about attending a interview and answering questions about trust,
Sometime, a long time back!

That was a real nice one,
couldnt find it can you paste the link here....tnks


monu said...

r u serious or joking?
puriyalai pa!

monu said...

is it this one?

Jeevan said...

Sad use to think:)

Jeevan said...

If any body is sad, read the monu's poem, you will get energy.

Kay said...

Yes I was looking for this link, i searched for it and cudn't get it so un poem maathri'ye eluthi request pannen, joke illai serious thaan, the trust answer you gave is really good. tnks for the link.

Anonymous said...

:) (and what has come will go around)

Chaos said...

tats the philosophy of life .

monu said...

thanks jeevan...makes me feel nice!

i am glad to have found the right one for u!

thats life!

sanju, the philosopher!

Known Stranger said...

on every sad day of mine
I love pondering on
what thoughts walk by
and notes get to me

and out of nowhere
now here I ould know
i will smile again
and it woudl make all the

letting me know the life
is a cycle