Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Analogy

Note: I seem to be in a bit of a philosophical mood, and hence all these poems…
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I see that little burn on my finger.
I was accidental, you know.
My fingers just brushed along,
The handle of that hot-hot vessel,
On the stove……

It has been there, hurting me.
But I don’t make a fuss of it.
I am quite used to it, burns, I mean…
Like when I ironed my clothes,
When I was quite young,
And ended up with burn marks…

I have never done anything about these burns,
They just take care of themselves…
And before I know it, they have all healed.
Leaving a faint mark behind,
In remembrance, may be…..

And sometimes, when I think of it,
I think Life is like that too………….


Jeevan said...

It was a time, when I took a water flask
Which is on a table to drink water
I don’t know it will be hot
Just pulled it, and hot water pore on my hand
My skin were shaved, feel the pain:(

Nice one Monu

Loga said...

I have been a silent reader of ur blogs for quite a long time...
Excellent One!!!

Kay said...

Though the burns heal themselves sometimes i consider using some ointments for it to heal quickly, similarly in life the ointment would be our friends or parents who will ease out our pain..
Nice one Monu

Liked the line..
"Leaving a faint mark behind,
In remembrance, may be….."

Yes this mark or scar is absolutely necessary to remind us next time not to play with fire.

monu said...

hope ur hands are fine now
and am sure the next time u will be careful!

welcome to my blog loga
i checked out urs..u have a great blog there!

am so glad that u got exactly what i was trying to say..

more often than not my poems dont convey exactly what i intend them glad this one worked..

i simply loved this analogy!
and ur right, sometimes we need to those little ointments..

and also, when we dont make a fuss of our worries and just let things be, life has a way of just getting Ok..
for when we worry too much we make a mess of things!
thast what i meant, like when i let the wound be, it heels...thats nature..but yes, sometimes we do need oinments!

Anonymous said...

poems? what poems?
(just wanted to leave a proof for what u have just said in the post.:)

The time has come for me to say..:
I've been reading your blog for a while now...and i dont understand your definition of 'poem'.. they are darn good by the doubt! But i still dont understand why u call them poems(no offence:)

And when are u not in a phiolosophical mood? (again no offence :)

monu said...

so what shall i call them?
i dont know....

shall i call them,
"bunch of pragraphs that i scribble"?

guess i should have stuck to calling whatever i write "scrbblings".....

anyways, i have never known the tru meaning of what poems are suppoed to be took some artistic license there......

hmmm..may be i call them poems, because i always want to write poems..since childhood...whether they turn out into ones or not, i know not..

well anyway they are just scribblings from my heart..
i scribble for the love of it..
thats all
and i am not a philosophical nut!
i mean i love looking into inner meaning and all.....and probably love writing abt them...well...may be i dont have enough variety...but whatever..this is me..and this is all i can write..may be thats y i dont do writing for a living...

again no offence meant or taken!

Casement said...

There's none who can cook and not have a burn mark! The cooker is my trap...all the time:)

Anonymous said...

i think i asked the right question. Such a big answer! that's a first for me:)

U can write poems and define it as "whatever i write and call it as 'poem' :)".. your artistic license is just as valid as anyone else's :)

>>i mean i love looking into inner meaning and all<<
Me too... but many call that phiolosophy(and i keep saying that i hate that word!). I dont accept that that is phiolosophy:)

>>writing for a living...<<
Hmmm.. :) may be if we all wrote for a living,we wont love it as much:)...It takes something to be writer and love it and live by it..Its kind of like a diff btn art movie and a commercial movie... very vew art movies are successful as commercial naa?:)

Have a nice weekend!

Manoj said...

The scars you acquire by exercising courage will never make you feel inferior (Leon Battista)

So if the scars you acquired were for a cause...something to aid you in attaining your destiny, it only takes you one step closer to enlightenment.

And yes, as you concluded , life is like that too but we should try avoiding scars out of guilt.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


I thought.
An idea, is what I got.

U have enough thought and passion to write.
All you need to do now is to rhyme correct.

Then u will have a poem pure..
Which, even i, will recognize for sure:)

Vanathi said...

Good poem... Well written...

monu said...

glad to know there are others like me!

do u think all poetry should rhyme?

u r right reg the guilt thing.
so how r u?


Anonymous said...

Nope! not after this:). But i used to believe that all poetry rhymed. That's why i asked the definition for poetry:)

Anonymous said...

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Known Stranger said...

pain is no more a pain when it is realised pain does nothing but just pains