Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend:Movies and Nostalgia

I had a great weekend..ofcourse as always, there were things I planned to do but didn’t do and things of importance that I totally forgot…but they are always happening…that’s me!

I watched two movies at home. Cousin’s home has a nice little home theatre thing, so it was all the more fun!
I watched “Kanda Naal muthal”. Well, I loved it absolutely. There are few love stories that I totally like and this one ranks way up there!

And then I watched “Kaakha Kaakha!”. My father who joined the movie midway when Jothika proposes to Surya and waits for his acceptance translated the movie title as “Wait…Wait”.
We had quite a laugh about it

Anyways, I really liked the movie but for all that blood towards the end. I loved Jothika’s dialogues! Hmm…..

And then I decided to go for a nice long walk in the evening all by myself. I had walked quite long and decided to have something, for I was real hungry!

I was done with “Masala Paal” (Masala Milk) in hotchips. Yummy!
I was on my way back to cousin’s place when I met my school mates. I am usually bad with remembering names. But one look at their faces, after 4 -5 years and I was able to associate names to those faces.
One of the girls looked just like I remembered seeing her in 12th std. The other girl had matured quite a bit. She was the funny one in class. She was still funny, only a lot prettier. They said I had changed quite a bit too.

Nostalgia! Nostalgia…..

I caught up with what was happening with everyone’s lives. The ones whom I thought where very career oriented had married a year back. He is working there…She is working here…she moved from there to here…

She is real thin now, and he too has reduced, can you believe ?and so on…..

…yes, she is in!...and on and on…

I don’t stay in the area where I did my schooling. We have moved quite far from there. And each time I pass through that area..i dive into the ocean of old memeories and feel like an old woman who says,In our times things wer like that , like this..i used to drive to tuitions that way..and my friend’s house is here and so on an so forth…………

Felt nice to catch up on whats happening to whom…


ada-paavi!!!! said...

nair tea kadai masala paal sooper, bliss, ellam i miss now,

seems like u had sooper weekend :)

Jeevan said...

I also went to Film Pattial this weekend. When I went to my aunty house last month, I watch kaakha kaakha in their Home Theater, but the movie was translated in English. We cant hear what the charters talk, it was very funny to see that.

Going to place where we lived once and met the friends or some known people is really a happy movement.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... The young think of the future, the old think of the past, who thinks of the present?...
As we get older and older... we get newer and newer old memories :)..
some day will lost all teeth and keep chattering only of old times :)

>>“Wait…Wait”<< LOL :)

Jayan said...

Check out the original DVD version of 'Kakha Kakha'.. there are a few titbits and some inside info provided by Gautham in his commentary on the movie.

Did you notice that the 'Uriyin Uyire' song features a watch
at the start and end of the song ? The exact time difference between those shots is potrayed as 1 minute

The xplanation goes like this :

Gautham wanted to film a fast-paced number that would capture the blur of events in a minute in Surya's sub-conscious mind.

Also, Gautham says (scientifically) that the maximum duration that a dream lasts for (in case of humans) is 1 minute.

So he has symbolically shown that it is a dream song.

monu said...

i had a sooper weekend. hope u r having fun there too!

i can imagine how the movie would have with english....
i read ur review of pattiyal

"As we get older and older... we get newer and newer old memories :).."
so true!

thats interesting..i dont think that DVD had wondering if it is original..
wonderful right? but the sad thing most peopel miss these little details..i saw the watch but didnt notice the 1 minute difference and when the movie opens out and u suddenly see that scene, it is a little confusing..but great idea nevertheless....

smiley said...

meeting old friends after many years...memories.... :)