Friday, August 11, 2006

5 weird things about me.

1. Clothes, accessories,cosmetics,fruits :
My choice of these is not weird, the weird thig is i can never get enough of them, honestly........
Clothes : because i like to wear nice clothes, and can now really afford them (ok i am not super rich, but atleast i have a decent disposable income as compared to what i had when i was in college....)
accessories : I love to pick up cheap stuff from roadside roaming pondy bazaar for the same. The point to be noted is that they can be real beautiful too...
cosmetics: same point , i never had the money for them before, and like every other girl, i wanted to own some basic , again , like i said before, i have a decent disposable i can buy them....
fruits: because i love to eat healthy , and love eating in general :)

2. Going by what my heart says:
I dont know if this is know what i do, when my heart says that i must do something, i just do it.....i don't think of the consequenses...
the good thing is it has helped me face life's indecisive situations...
and i can do some weird things just because my heart tells me to......

3. Smiley face:
People say , sometimes i have expressions that resemble a yahoo smiley..
i wonder why? i consciously dont try to....

4. singing and dancing:
When i really like a song and when i am singing it, i start dancing whether i want to or not...

5. I really thought a lot about this tag:
Well, i really had to think out lots about myself to get to number 5. Isn't it werid that i didn't think i was weird?
Or is it just that all of us aren't weird but just unique???

Anyways, all my friends out there are welcome to add to the my weird list(if you think i am werid in some way)

and the tag is open to all those , who want to do some self-introspection

PS: Happy independence day..have fun in the hols... i shall reply to the comments during the's keeping me busy and me looking to escape home to enjoy the hols!!

Happy Krishna Jayanthi... i am loooking forward to my cheedais


indianangel said...

Ah! That was a good one! Seedai's oh reminded of those lovely golden tinge brownies that my mother makes. Hmmm Its almost been 2-3 years now since I had those! And It also makes me think how good a weapon seedais are to break your teeth! :)

Anyway, nice post, I dont think any of what you mentioned is wierd!

Jeevan said...

This tag is clearly non-weird:) some time the cloths buy form roadside shop are better than buying form garment shops.

Every time when I write this :) symbol I used to smile, then only I satisfied, that I have sent my smile to them.

Happy Independence day & Krishna Jayanthi (hai don’t forget to give me sedai and muruku:)

Jai Hind

Risha said...

I second indianangel and jeevan!!You are no where close toa weirdo :-)
Happy Independence Day to you!!!
And on the cheedais, reserve a lion's share for me..I love the sweet ones better!!!

Known Stranger said...

i wish you had denctries after having those seedais, murukku.. because i couldnthave them.

monu said...

@known stranger
U can subscribe to my boog so u can get it in your i need to do anything for it??

Let me know

thanks...u can get the cheedais anytime


@Indian Angel
LOL for cheeai being weapons.
have you tried eating the other weapon called "porivilangai urundai" or something like that...
we used to break it hammer ...

Known Stranger said...

i dont know how to subscibe it if is xanga blog page - it is possible . but not sure if that facility here in blogspot. i ythink you have drop a mail every time you write. ah dha dh ah

Anonymous said...

If i said "de ja vu" now, that will also sound like a de ja vu...
about the smiley thing... I have not been called a smiley or anything, but i can relate to it very well :)
I am bored of self introspections :)
Bleated Seasons greetings to you too. Hope it was enjoyable.

monu said...

how about some of those feeds ppl use?

it was fun..
y should be bored of self-introspection??
doing too much of it lately??

Anonymous said...

when u think about it, we self-introspect almost everyday...
oh well.. depending on the mood one can take a tag and let others know what we have introspected:)
Anything in moderation can be fun/good.

Known Stranger said...

i am a idiot in this net domain dominated world . In fact someone creates me the pages - and give me the password and user id. of some one gives me a complete detailed step by step procedure after leanring - i imitate to get it done.

In fact this id, orkut are all created by friends and i use them to express myself. I am nto aware of what this feed is all about. you may need to educate me - wull you - i love to learn from you