Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Silent Sorry

This one is about a girl and her father

It was funny how they fought over nothing sometimes. Simple conversations would slowly get tensed, as at least one of them raised their voice, merely over frustration over an extending pointless conversation.

Yet another fight began that night. She had come home tired from work and some stupid discussion turned into an argument.

“Fine I will not bother you….do as you please…”, said the father and went to sleep.

He was sleeping, she thought, but she couldn’t get herself to sleep,
“I shouldn’t have taken out my frustrations on him…poor thing…stupid me..bad me…”, she wondered for a long time..guilt was gnawing in on her, she couldn’t sleep.

The father was awake too, thinking on what he said last to his little girl, “I shouldn’t have said that….”, he wondered.

The next day, she woke up, smiling at the new day. She had to make up with her father for yesterday, her guilt was telling her. And so she stayed back a little late that morning and made sure she had breakfast with her father, instead of leaving early as she always did.
Nothing was mentioned that morning……no sorry, no words about caring for each other and about words said in anger not being meant from the heart, but nothing of that sort was ever said.

For some things need not be said, they are just understood!!


nullity said...

great...with few relationships we dont have to speak need for words....thanks to our poor memory

Anonymous said...

>>need not be said, they are just understood<<
I would even go to the extent of saying, should not be said and must definitely be understood.. there are things like that arent they? No use talking about them at all! just have to be done.

Jeevan said...

If i get angry and put fight with my friend (my neighbour friend), next day we just forget our yesterdays fight and talk like as usual. good understanding no need words, they can feel their thoughts.

Monu u have been tagged by Jeevan:)

:: The Protector :: said...

i feel the same way and hope everyone does the same....


priya said...

Sometimes actions speak better than words.
My first time here and crawled thru'jeevan site.

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Anand said...

Indeed..its nice that the girl did realise it was a mistake and made it a point to mend it...thats how we need to safegaurd all our precious relationships!

smiley said...

its called telepathy... they conveyed to each other the previous night and sorted out... good one

Known Stranger said...

oh is this can be done this way too.. thanks., i need to learn the non verbal communication