Friday, July 22, 2005

The girl baby - take 2

She had seen it all...
Parents of the girl
bowing like slaves
before the demands
of the greedy parents
of the eligible bachelor

She had seen the boy's parents
speak a rate for the girl
when they came to see her
The market rate is diamond earrings!!!
They would say
as the parents' worry increases

And as the parents slave
and make ends meet
and conduct the wedding...
The boy and his parents
would land like the royalty
and yet find fault
that they weren't invited
or begged to come and have the food!

and as they put up with all this,
she had seen
how the girl, would never become
a part of that royalty
all that expense
from the girl's side
had only been to send
a servant for the guy...

There, the girl
would have to bear
piercing words from the mother-in-law
and the husband
of how her parents were poor
and how she was not good-looking
and she was not to react.......

So, she decided,
she wouldnt have it that way
Yet, her parents beg her...
all that is not a pain for us
it is our duty, we will do it
and they all would succumb
to the socity's norms-yet again!


Amol said...

outrageous ..Have you gone back in time ??

monu said...


happens buddy!
if feoticide can happen???
cant this happen?

Kaps said...

your blog is turning out to be a women's Liberation blog. look's like a good time to rename your blog.

monu said...


it is still from my heart

ada-paavi!!!! said...

from u rheart only blood flows out, ne romba mega serial pakkara, nalathu illai,
agree wit kaps its becomin womens lib.
seri ippo ne pesuave, on kalyanam pothu enna pannauvae nu pakkalam, give into pressure frm parents (who mite give dowry) or refuse to give (as a part of ur wlib stand)

do u get inpired by ppl like A roy, and B karat?

monu said...

unamiya sonna enpa kasakkudhu?
dont you see this happening in middle class families??

nopes....i am not a feminist..this is just my comment on reality...that is y the last line says that they will succumb to social pressure.....

ada-paavi!!!! said...

no kasappu, it happens illai no sollelai, annal u still havent answered my question, wat will u do the day u get married? succumb to pressure? aporam ur r accepting things and not willin to do anything bout em, then dont express voices of dissent(this is a voice of dissent)

monu said...


if i cant change it, cant i voice it?
i am conveying this to some people out there right.....

i cant oppose society, as i am practical..that is something i know for sure....

does that mean i cant voice my view?......tell the truth....?

this is just an outlet for me to lament.....

i cant trouble my parents in the name of bringing social change.....?
think about it....

ada-paavi!!!! said...

as someone who can c it, its uptou to change it, nee change panna than onnai parthu nalu per follow pannuvangal, ull have to show that ppl shudnt take beathing bending down and have to stand up. ne oru educated personna vandu sollerangal nan our practical person, and therefore i will accept norms and wont change things na, societyilla inda practise will continue.

u are communicating, yes no doubt, but i am saying rather than being a hypocrite(accepting norms norms under practicality) be someone who will do ur bit to change society (dont accept norms, in simple words, don give dowry,it wudnt be too hard 2 actually find a guy who doesnt want dowry, just requires konjam porumai and konjam fine searching!)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

from when did right action become a burden?
infact if u seach hard and find a guy who doesnt expect dowry, itll be a huge burden off ur parents shoulders.

monu said...


what would they say of the parents ?
rome was not built in a day..
and it is not just the money, it is the attitude..of the people who have boys...

do you know that people beleive that you have to have a son do devasam for you to go to heaven or atleast daughter's son....
people beleive can i change that social beleif...???
think of it.....

AF said...

awesome Monu..
It happens and is still happening in our society..

johnny boy said...

Monu, i agree with ur view, that dowry still exists, fine.. But i guess your post is a kind of a 'worst case' situation. Is it so bad these days? What u wrote, could have been a frequent occurence probably 10 yrs before. But now i guess, things are much better.. Its not so cruel/harsh as u have put it. Some stray cases, yes, i agree.. But not on a whole.

monu said...

glad atleast someone agrees with me that i am not exaggerating!

@johnny boy
yep, u r true...this is a worst case is not a norm..that is all the more because women are learning to be independent and i guess, earning respect too....