Friday, July 22, 2005

The Girl Baby

I found the inspiration here In Mr.Narayanan's blog .. (tamil poem)
Being a girl, i feel strongly about this..............

and this is my take on it...

The girl says......

I always prayed for a girl baby
My mom would say..........
For that one word of hers
which i closely carry in my heart
I never once want my parents
to even think in their dreams
that i am a liability
I will do everything for them
that a boy might do.......

When i attended a wedding
and was a part of the boy's side family
and saw the girl's parents
carry the boy's luggage
I vowed to myself
I wouldn't have it that way!!
They aren't a lesser being for giving birth to me!
they are infact, superior......


ada-paavi!!!! said...

ida hindi heartland makkal padicha avalgalakku buddhi varum (there the sex ratio is the worst, and ppl import brides)

monu said...

sad! very sad!

AF said...

well said Monu

johnny boy said...

"They aren't a lesser being for giving birth to me!" -> Totally agree with you..
"they are infact, superior" -> Totally disagree with you... :) You are carrying the attack into the opposite camp monu! I believe, no parents are superior/inferior for giving birth to a child, boy or girl. There is no case of superior or inferior here!

monu said...


@johnny boy

oops..that was emotional outpour on reading about female infanticide.....

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