Friday, July 22, 2005

Is it that??

Take 1

She didn't know
how suddenly her lazy bones
found the energy
to get-up early
cook the food for all
for the entire day
wash the vessels
plait her mom's hair
Go to temple
to pray for all
and leave for work too
Is this what they call love?

PS: Love for her parents.....
and a role reversal too.....


Take 2

What kind of an existence
do i have?, she would grumble
Yet again, she had a tough day at work
So as she walked home, when it was threatening to rain
thinking that she had nothing worth living for
She saw her girl, yet to be 2 years old,
sitting near the gate and crying,
worrying about the mother
who always got home before it got dark
She now had no complaints in life....
This is what she was living for!

PS: the unadulterated love of her child


ada-paavi!!!! said...

idu enna cinema va, take 1 ake 2 nu solla??

sentimenta touch pannittia, (ne pesama mega serial yeathu, sentimental postellam podarai)

monu said...

nalla idea..
nee en producer aaga readyaa?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

yeathuku, nan bondi aagarathuka? ne thana sambdakara, konjam sonda kasa podu, nan unemployed, innom student, onna madri oru hot shot IT exec illai

monu said...

ippadiye blog panninde pona , naanum velaiya illa pattadhaari aayiduven...athunaala dhaan unna produce panna sonen....

yen naan ezhidhunadhu nadakkaadhaa???
nadakkiradhu ulagathula....nalladhum nadakkudhu...kettadhum nadakkudhu...

nalladha mattume paakavum koodaadhu...same for kettadhu too..
wat say?

so when going abroad?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

life is filled wit grey,neither black nor white, idu than unmai,

not for another yr, romba late a decide pannen, so now back to samiar coll for masters,

monu said...


have fun at samiar coll..which is that BTW?

AF said...

Monu... What more can i say than awesome....
Everyone of your poems are great..
Better switch profession.

Manoj said...

good one

monu said...

thanks a lot for your inspiration..i mean keeps me going