Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Running Away

Ever felt the need to run away? Sometimes, when I am pushed to a corner, frustrated, irritated, when my efforts go waste, when I choose not be honest and have to face the consequences, and am judged for one mistake than for the million good things I do, and I could go on.. But there are so many times, when I feel like just running away from it all.

I just picture myself, getting up and screaming and waving my hands randomly and running away, just like that, to some place I do not know.
I picture that, and it makes me smile, the image of me running like that.. and even more funny to think of other people's reaction..

and then I think of the life I have painstakingly(Ahem!) built .. all that I hold dear, right till my job.. and I know that this too shall pass, and that I would have learnt a valuable lesson, I will carry for life.. and All will be well at the end!


WeirdEnglishman said...

I did run away once. I found it very tiring on the legs and lungs and headed straight back. ;-)

monu said...

LOL at the hilarious comment...

At my current state of being close to 6 months pregnant, I wouldn't go far myself you know :)

Jeevan said...

hope the state turns better!

monu said...

I am fine Jeevan.. it takes either sweets, good food or shopping to fix me :D