Monday, April 29, 2013

Cleaning, Memories and Change

We are cleaning our house. We are going to have it painted, and have been clearing out stuff.. in the process come out lots and lots of sutff that we don't need and memories. And some of them have to be discarded. I don't do it with a heavy heart, for with age, and a certain sense of contentment, comes the maturity to accept that change is the only constant thing in life.

I do not hoard much, except for some of my clothes that are in good condition, but don't fit me. I keep those in hope that I will reduce some day, and I have been able to get into a few of them, mind you, just a few, the rest are passed on to my sister, who is eternally thin..

So I didn't keep any of Sanjay's baby clothes. They were not thrown out, but were merely given away to other children. While cleaning, I happened upon few baby clothes that I still had, I was happy. I wanted the baby to wear some of Sanjay's old clothes. It may seem weird for cultures, where babies wear new stuff, but for most of us Indians, babies start out by wearing hand-me-downs from other well children. Sort of a belief, and I am glad that my baby gets to wear some of Sanjay's stuff.

I will wash them and keep them safe for when my baby arrives. I show Sanjay that these are the clothes that he wore as a baby, and he looks at one nappy and asks me if he can make the baby wear it. I say yes, and smile.

I look at all cute girl baby stuff and wish for a girl, but I am sure , when I am through with my delivery, all I will care to ask is if the baby is well. :)


Jeevan said...

Many of my baby clothes were also worn by my brother after he born. Hope your wish delivered :)

monu said...