Monday, March 04, 2013


My maid/domestic help is one cheerful lady. If I had to do as much physical labour as her, I would probably be walking around with a permanent frown. But she, she always has such a lovely smile on her face, whenever you greet her. Her pearly whites contrasting perfectly with her lovely dark complexion, she makes the afternoon sunshine fade in her glow.

I am talker myself, but she talks a little but more, forcing even me to listen. I never ask her, how she can be so happy, that’s her natural state, and why not to be? Right?

I don’t know what prompted her that day, but this is what she started telling me..“I live within my means”, she says.” Not that I don’t have these desires walking by saree shops. But I don’t regret richer people, nor am I jealous”

Her hand swiftly washing vessels, and her smile belying the hard work, she continues “I just work harder, and save little by little, so I can finally buy that saree. I will take on (the work of) another house, I will work harder, and save harder. I don’t ask anyone, I do it all on my own. I know I can do it. And I walk around with a smile”

I look at her beautiful saree and smile back at her radiance.


Jeevan said...

Her attitude admirable :)

Hariharan K said...

come on..this is a perfect plot.. u can explore end extend it to a perfect fiction.. looking forward to it..