Monday, March 04, 2013


If you hate me and want to really torture me, I shall tell you what needs to be done..
(I do beleive I have lived a harmless life, so this is all hypothetical.. :))

Take me from my home, and my loved ones, if only for an hour, and put me in a place full of people, where no one will start a conversation, or reply back beyond one word or sentence..

That to me is Chinese torture!

Ah! Silence truly kills! So desperate for human voice that I am listening to tutorials.. :)

Jokes apart, well, I do take time to settle in. For an internal introvert, forced extrovert like me, there are so many conversations that I can begin myself, and yes I do long company, which my son would happily dump on me, but Sigh! I will get over it, make new acquaintances, make more silly politically incorrect statements, and continue being me.

That's optimism, for you! :)

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