Friday, February 22, 2013

Long Lost Friend

I meet you after long. You, who were so lively, full of joy and enthusiasm. You as I remember from those days. You were full of stories that we sometimes got tired of hearing. You would insist we hear it though. And you were such a joy around that we mostly encouraged you.

You were full of interesting quips, full of knowledge, with a why not attitude to boot. You were ready to take on anything. I was always amazed by that zest of yours.

In all those years that I hadn’t seen you, I didn’t think you would change. So we meet again. And I look for the same chirpiness, chattiness, joie de vivre.

It leaves me a little sad that you are a lady of few words now. May be I want to relive the old times with you, grow younger as we speak. May be I see non-existent coldness in the few words. I don’t know.

I ask you, is it age that has changed you? Probably, you say. I wonder how it has changed me. I want to ask you. But I know, you will probably not say much….

PS: Yes, I repeat myself, but nostalgia is a beautiful feeling, no? Read this

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Hariharan said...

Oh my god.. u just nailed it gayathri..
few days back.. i was thinking of a theme for short story.. i really thought about a plot of meeting a high school friend .. the plot goes like this... "there, i meet him, i was so excited and spoke about the past for few mins..after that an uncomfortable silence.. we had travelled long past the common time we had and each had our own cucoons to tend to.. probably we may gel well even now, but we dont know what each other is now and we care or dare not to explore.. and i ended up chatting with my office mate endlessly and he went on talking with his friends.. though we occasionally glimpsed each other over a smile.. "

was so surprised that u bought out the feeling in real life.