Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's finally time to let the whole world and it's uncle know, I am expecting my second baby! A few days back, I had visited my friend and her baby, and while I cradled the little fellow, I knew I couldn't wait for my second little one. I am 4 months pregnant now.

And this pregnancy is so different in all the things that I did. I primarily spent the first trimester job hunting, the second has started, and am settling into a new job. I told my boss my news, after a month in the new job. In a fair world, it shouldn't matter.

My organisation beleives in diversity and inclusion, so I don't think it should matter. But on my side, I am working hard now, so I will have a reputation to fall back on.

Like any pregnancy, this is one too is full of worries. I could write essays on my long list of worries. But as always we will focus on the positives. And I will care for myself , and  I will see this phase through.

I am showing already, past the phase where people wonder if I am pregnant or fat. Like I always say, pregnancy is a wonderful excuse to be fat. No figure/size worries for us mommy-to-bes.

And before I forget, I must note down my most beautiful pregnancy memory - Sanjay giving me my iron tablet every night, with attention to detail - holding a bottle of water in the other hand. He never forgets. At nights, he even helps me with my blanket when I am plain lazy to get up and pull it over myself.

I don't spend as much time as I did the first time aournd, thinking about or reading about pregnancy, I am busy mom already, aren't I?

There can be no relief as that which one feels after telling truth. I felt that once I told in my workplace. So far so good! :)


Jeevan said...

Congrats monu :) I appreciate your positive attitude towards pregnancy even worrisome pat its part. that so sweet of Sanjay to take care his mom.

monu said...

Thanks for you wishes Jeevan

Anonymous said...

Ahoy! Congrats yet again.

monu said...

thanks.. nice to know you still remember me :)