Monday, April 01, 2013


This one’s not just pregnancy related. This pregnancy is mostly going along like it doesn’t exist. I don’t put my feet up and relax like I did when I was carrying little Sanju. Yet sometimes, I get these little reminders.

Today was just another day, I was leaving for work, frizzy hair held together by a clasp, a string a jasmine atop it, salwar kameez which is comfortable around the stomach area, handbag with essentials, which these days includes lunch, an apple and a banana.

Well, today I feel a little heaviness in my stomach. It must be gas, I tell myself, and walk out. I can hear my name being called. I turn around to see that I have forgotten to take my lunch box. Sanjay comes running and gives it to me. I kiss him on his forehead and he runs back home. I walk slowly to my pick up point, board the cab and get going to office.

Today we are held in traffic. The journey is extending inch by inch. Then there’s the pain on the left side of my stomach, and it is worrying me. We manage to get near office, when an overwhelming sense of nausea takes control of me. I don’t want to ask to stop the cab, for a puking break. I hold till we get to the office entrance.

I work at this IT Park, which houses many IT companies. I go to a side of the gate and puke. The pain in my abdomen reduces. I am glad, the puking is expected in pregnancy, and though not an easy experience, it is any day better than stomach ache, which when not expected, is scary. I am done puking, tears in my eyes from the tough 5 minutes. I hope someone I know will walk across and take me along, so I don’t have to feel all awkward.

When I am sure, I will puke no more, I decide to walk into the gate. As I get ready to move from there, a stranger is calling out to me with a water packet. “please.. here’s water for you”, he says in tamil.

“it’s ok”, I say, with one hand fumbling in my handbag.

“you have water?sure?”, he asks..

“yes….” I say, humbled by his kindness. I look further to see; he has crossed the busy road for me, and got me a packet of water.

Reminded me of my school friend, sticking out of school bus with a bottle of water for me. I have always had travelling sickness.

I am so touched by his kindness. He must be an auto driver, a call-taxi driver, a cab driver, or one of men from the shops opposite the IT Park. Whoever he was, he was not an IT guy. :)

I bless him from my heart, May he live a hundred happy years!


Jeevan said...

absolutely he is a kind hearted! i wish everyone hold such attitude.

monu said...

yes! with pregnancy, the beauty is you discover how strangers can be so kind...