Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We are never short of words,
yet silence is our language.
Our words, untouched by the tongue,
but preserved for eternity..

We craft stories from thin air,
sometimes from observation,
sometimes from inspiration,
sometimes simply, by seeing what was not there..

We feel, hold thoughts close to our heart,
and then we pen them down,
letting loose that burden of thoughts,
yet it flows beautifully!

We paint with words,
in our little corner of the world,
hardly making noise,
yet being heard!

Our though bubbles,
filled with words,
erupt out..
in so many colours!

We are alomost invisible,
or may be lost in thought!
But we do exist,
and continue to do,
what we love to do,


Hariharan K said...

and we write; some may like , some may not. Many may not even know,
yet we write, for,writing is the only means we have chosen to converse with our soul..

Jeevan said...

Lovely write-up monu :)
I loved the 3rd phrase lot.

monu said...

Brilliant point.. you could elaborate on it and write up in your blog.. :)

I am happy you liked it Jeevan.. You also ceaselessly write, and I am sure you associate with this. Thanks for all your comments and support.. :)