Tuesday, September 04, 2012

This time yesterday

This time yesterday
I had a different worry

Yet today, I have something else,
at the back of my Head

This time yesterday,
I fervently prayed out of love

Today, I want to invoke
God's name, but stop to think

That today, I have what I prayed for
and at this time yesterday,
I couldn't have asked for more.

And keep my lips shut
And put my hands to work


Jeevan said...

Tomorrow would be much better and best at pace :)

monu said...

each day we have prayers, and most of them are answered.. yet the next day, we ask for something else..that's what i wanted to say.. anyways, tomorrow wil be better.. :)

Hariharan K said...

look at this theism ;)

God gave you worry yday so that u could remember him and ask his help.. And he immediately solved your worry, to retain your faith..

And today, he again troubles the happy self,just to ensure you dont forget him ;) crazy god huh