Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The sixty year old rebel

She sits there at that favorite time of the day, children off to work, grandchildren packed off to school. She sits with her tired legs stretched out in front of the TV. She has her faithful coffee tumbler next to her, empty of course.

She is channel browsing and happens upon one channel, where an old man is giving instructions on food habbits for diabetics.

"I hate it when I am told what to do. In fact, if someone tells what to do, I will never do it....just never will. I could read up something on the paper or something like that, and decide on my own. But never in my life will I be told what to do. Never!", She tells with a calmness that masks the fiereceness of her words.

I smile inside, just nodding outside. I think of her as the sixty year old rebel, of how all these years have not worn out her fiestyness, and I cannot stop smiling thinking about it even now.