Saturday, September 01, 2012


So he hurts me
with the tiniest of tiny deeds

I am so angry
I want him to know
that what he did
was so not right

I wanted someone
older and more mature
to talk him down
and tell him
how I felt

and even before
my anger can disappear
a little voice in my mind
speaks down to me,
and tells me,
"How can you think of it?
What if he gets hurt?"


Jeevan said...

Hope he will understand someday soon!

Hariharan K said...

woww , this is indeed a cute poem Gayu, Forgiveness without love is like an artificial flower without scent; and u have got the right words this time..

monu said...

even if the other person doesn't understand, I have forgiven, and moved on.. :)

thanks hari.. nice comparison there..