Saturday, July 21, 2012


Been, what else, but busy as a new Chithi. Oh Yes! My sis had a baby girl on june 30th. Right now she's(the baby) all I think of. I miss her so much already. I stayed with my sister in the hospital and had fun being with my brand new niece. Say hello to Deepika!!!

My sister had a C-section and then recently she had to have her appendix removed. It was painful and I cant stress enough, how much we were worried for her. She says when she heard she had to have a surgery, all she thought was how will I feed my baby. So even in extreme pain, before she goes into the operation theater, she expresses milk for the baby and goes. This, my friends, is the beauty of motherhood, that you put someone so much in importance that you are capable of such unconditional love. She said no to painkillers that would make her sleep, all because she has this 20 day old to feed. I am so proud of her. She got discharged today and is on her way to recovery.

Talking of which, I am yet to receive my annual pay hike. Oh yeah! I know I shouldn't be talking about work, but WTH! Others have got it, and some like me, haven't. There are all kinds of rumors that people who haven't yet received will not receive at all. hmmm.. This got me all worked up. And then I reminded myself that this time yesterday, I prayed so fervently for my sister, that she be alright, and by God's grace, she is. And it trivializes the whole salary raise thing. I don't even want to think of worrying about my hike.
 There are always more important things in life.

But like a student who has given her best to her exams and is expecting a certain percentage, I aIm just waiting. Considering my luck, I am going to end up with peanut of a raise, and then I need answers. I need to know where is it that I am failing to meet people's expectations... In school, I was considered a good student, not the shining star mind you, but the one who always got within the first 10 ranks. So I just don't like faring badly at work, or being judged as less. Thats where it all works to. But well, let's see what happens.

Then like they say, not all doors close, do they?

Been back to reading. Read JD Sallinger's "Nine Stories". I needed to read the analysis of each story to understand it, but the writing left a deep impact on me. I totally suggest this book.

So that's it from me. Wish me luck!!


Jeevan said...

I don’t know what to say! Hats off to your sister... she enriched the motherhood... I could never imagine what painful it should be! My best wishes and regards to her :)

My cousin sister name is Deepika!

The hard work will and should not left out without its price or praise. Hope u received the hike! :)

Hariharan K said...

am just repeating my prev comment.. the best tribute to ur sis is now a short story from the incident. and if u delay by few more weeks, am gonna grab :0. Hope ur sis is doing fine.

though i know that u didnt mean it, yet annual pay hike gives as much pain as delivery was a forced inference when u wrote both of them adjacently :0