Monday, July 16, 2012


He has been at it for a while, writing. Each symbol is called something and it must be written a certain way, letters between four lines and numbers between blocks. It's not all that hard, he can pick it up almost immediately, instantaneously, the moment it has been demonstrated to him. Yet something about this whole exercise seemed so laborious to him. Like these letters and numbers were caged in those lines and boxes.

And then his mother offers him the "rough  note" to practice a little more, to get the letters a little bit more right.

His face suddenly brightens, "Amma!", he says, "Can I scribble in this?"


Hariharan K said...

i think its time for u to write a slightly longer short story (not like ur prev post), the theme can be of a motherhood, which btw you have tons of points in the past few years..
hey thou downloaded, havent started sallinder yet, groping throu Grahamgreene's famous classic now. soon will try Sallinder :)

Jeevan said...

hehe... hope he take writing interest from u soon.

monu said...

Yeah! I must work on something longer.. let me know if you liked what you read..

Yes! He does all his homework, no issues there! Touchwood! :D