Monday, June 04, 2012

It’s been hectic since I returned back to chennai. So please excuse the no show here.
I landed here in chennai on 21st May and the same night, I was on a train to Bangalore to attend a wedding. There’s been a few more functions, visitng my parents, going out a little bit. All of this and no time make me a bad blogger.

Well, I could just round things up. Disclaimer, I don’t live an interesting life. But I like it.

 1. The last two weeks at Greenville werent easy. I got a virus on my laptop and so I restriced my online activities, not that I was doing anything dangerous. I downloaded a File Comparator for work and I think the virus came with it. So anyway, there was that and there was the new project suddenly appearing in the picture , and I was stressed. Also, I began to feel lonely. All the time in the world, and all you really want is someone to spend it with! Sigh!
All I really wanted was some one to talk to. But I survived, thanks to the friends at office, and phone calls with my husband. I had a good trip back home. Me and my luggage landed safe here in chennai.

2. Which leads me to point 2. It was Hot here! I mean like really hot. I will never judge people who come to India after having lived abroad, and complain about the weather. I lived only 35 days away from here, and yet I complaied of the horrible May heat.

3.Guilt ate me up on seeing my kid. He did well and good. My heart pained and I asked myself, how could I leave this little guy and go away. But he didn’t hate me for it, so its ok.

4. Sanjay’s school starts again. I hope he chases education with pure joy, as if he were chasing a very beautiful lovely wonderful girl!

5.Come June 28, it will be 5 years of marriage. So we are not exactly the same type, sometimes we actually go the opposite way , like, I love roaming around, he is a home bird, I am frank andhave difficulty lying, he is diplomacy personified, I could go on. But like my project manager said about me and the project, we are just right for each other.

6.Yesterday I watched a movie in cinema at 10PM. I got home at 2 AM. A first ever in my life. I was super excited. Sanjay stayed awake the entire time and watched the movie. Oh yes! We are like that!


Jeevan said...

If u complain or not, it’s a horrible weather here this May! Good that Sanjay managed without u... but for a mom is really hard I know. Hope he enjoys the schooling again.

Advance wishes to you and u r hubby :)
btw. What movie u went for?

monu said...

the movie was kalakalappu! Major fun!!