Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Instant Friendship

We are instant friends,
in this world of instant everything.

Two strange souls,
brought together.
In the place,
where we are strangers,
we find our familiarity
and in that blooms
our instant friendship

Conditioned by the cold world
I want to think -Why,
Just why would you be
nice to me?

And then one day,
There's a fire alarm,
a sudden situation of panic

People are running out the door,
and your first reaction,
is to hold my hand tight,
like you just sensed my fear,
and you immediately reached out,
and you lead me to the door.

And at that moment,
I lose all my cynicism,
and realize, that instant,
as it may be,
we still have a beautiful friendship!

1 comment:

Jeevan said...

Glad you met with such friendship :)
Liked the poem.