Tuesday, June 12, 2012


1. Life is going on as it usually does. It is smooth, and touch wood, no one has hurt me emotionally in the recent past. That thought makes me smile. :)

2. I am doing some nice things and helping people with whatever I can in my capacity and that makes me smile. No, I am not dong charity, but I am helping my friends and family in any which way I can. And again that makes me smile, because it is not something I thought I had it in me to do. Little things, small efforts and it brings a smile on another person's face and that makes me smile.

3. I have become too much of a motor mouth, and I hope I don't end up hurting anyone.

4. Yes, my blog universe comprises only me and me! So let me give a little space to others too, Sanjay has become a bit of an artist, and I think he might have taken that from me, considering how even my husband's hand writing doesn't qualify for modern art!! If he likes it, I just might enroll him in art class. May be , may be not!! So far it is just school for him.

5. My sis is almost in the fag end of her pregnancy. I will take off from work and help her while she is in hospital for her delivery. I am excited about becoming chithi all over again. My sis says her back hurts and she didnt sleep the whole of yesterday night. hmmm... i didnt have these when I was pregnant, but neither did she with Sriram.. So anyway, I am excited.. I hope for a healthy wonderful baby. Chithi loves you already!!

6. Recently I asked a very basic question on computers to my bro-in-law. And a few days later, I taught him something he didnt know. And then I realized, everyone doesn't know everything. It is ok. We just have to make everyone'e knowledge universe richer by sharing.

7. This weekend, I went for a function without my faithful driver, the husband. So on the way back, we came with one of my husband's cousins who is new to Chennai and was counting on me for directions. The directions I gave him took us from one end of the city to the other. Lets just say we saw all the landmarks in the city as we figured our way home. It was hilariously emabarassing when I admitted I have lived in Chennai all my life. Why , simple Why, can't I give directions??? I don't beleive in taking no for an answer, but this is a skill, I am so very pathetic at!! Well, I guess I would just have to convince myself saying that, everyone doesn't know everything!!


Jeevan said...

Chithiiiii..... hehe...
Well wishes to your sister :)

Very true! Everyone doesn’t know everything... and there isn’t a need to known unless we go through. Everyday there’s a traffic diversion in Chennai and if u r not following the routes regularly u r a stranger.

Good to know about Sanjay interest on art! Hope things kept u smiling always :)

Jeevan said...
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monu said...

yes, you are right about traffic diversion, thats why we got lost in anna salai :D