Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What am I upto?

Ever since I have taken up the new job, and it will be on whole year in March this year, I have been reading a lot more than I normally would, work-wise and otherwise.We have an online library here and it helps that they bring books to me in person. They charge Rs.100 a month, but I can take any number of books, one book at a time. So I have been reading, and it is nice.

My last read was “I have a Dream”, by Rashmi Bansal. It was an inspiring read. It is about 20 people who have made difference to the lives of so many people. People have started organizations that help others who are disadvantaged in one way or the other. One runs a courier company employing the differently abled, one starts an organization to teach poor children, one feeds poor children, and they all stay here in my country, despite fancy degrees from some of the best universities in India and in the world, helping fellow countrymen. What’s more amazing is how some people just have this calling to do some noble deed. Some are entrepreneurs who do sustainable work that benefits the poor. Some are monks. It is amazing. I always admire people who know what they want to do right from a very young age, like this gentleman who studied Energy Engineering and now provides low cost renewable energy solutions to the rural population. How wonderful is this?

Wow! I wish I could do miniscule amount of good deed that these people are doing. Or just let it be, and say, like my husband, that I am still here, paying my taxes and contributing in a little way to my country. J
Personally, life is better. I smile a lot more. My mother is improving. She is walking short distances. Yesterday she even managed to make breakfast. And all this is a huge improvement from complete bed-rest. Thank God and thanks to the wishes and prayers of all kind people out there.

We did a small vacation to Trivandrum, Kerala. It was much fun.

On the job front, I will have to move to a new project. This one is being temporarily suspended. The good thing about change is the possibility that it is for the better. So I hope that I get into a good project where I get to learn a lot more. I wouldn’t say I am deeply passionate about my work, but I do like it. I do like solving problems, finding solutions, thinking of ways out of a problem. And the one thing I keep telling myself to do, but keep procrastinating is improving my skills work-wise. I learn pretty quickly. So once I get familiar, I tend to just get stuck. It took me 6.5 years to pack up my bags from the previous place. I tend to get attached too soon. I tend to get into a routine. Every day, we have this status call at 3, and I miss it already. I find change very un-settling. But it is good that it happens to me, seeks me out from the dark corners. I would be stuck doing the same thing over and over and that can never be good for one’s career. So here’s hoping for a good change, and for great beginnings.

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Jeevan said...

That's nice about the socially inspiring book! Will try to read... Hope many positive aspects comes into your life as already on its pace. Take care