Tuesday, February 07, 2012

On Pain and hope

One of the worst experiences of life must be seeing the people you love, suffer in pain. Yesterday night, my mother woke me at 3 AM.( So now we are 3 AM friends. J ) I am staying at my mom’s place to help them. My mother’s cataract surgery was planned today, but we had to cancel it. She was suffering from severe pain in her left leg. Today morning we took her to a doctor and he says – Prolapsed disc. I have cooked breakfast and lunch for them and have come to office. She has to be in bed rest for two days. My dad will manage till I get back home.
I hope and pray that she gets fine. When we found out that she had to have the cataract surgery, her first reaction was – “Why me?”. And now this.  But the optimist in me always counts my blessing. And I tell her that she will be fine in a few days.

My father’s health is improving. We took many tests and took him to many doctors. Finally it was the local doctor who asked him to stay off milk and that did the trick. So now my father is on low medication and managing fine. He has his dietery restrictions, but that aside , he is fine. Hopefully in another three months, he will get back to eating normal food.

I am a little upset about this. It is so heart-breaking to see people you love, suffer. I have seen my son go through a surgery. I have seen my father through a couple of surgeries. My husband had a minor accident and I secretly cried. And my mom, she has always had knee pain, but she was managing along. But one thing, through it all, I had faith and hope that it will all be fine, that everything will be alright. And I believe now too. J

And as always, no better time to reinforce to myself, how all other things are trivial in front of health.For me and all other young people out there, make the right choices while you can.

My mom is slightly over-weight and I believe that adds on to her knee woes. Which is why, I take such pain to eat right and not gain too much weight. As a working mom of two girls, my mother never had time for exercise. How could she, when her mornings were spent making breakfast, lunch and Tiffin for us? We never felt disadvantaged in any way as latch key kids. We had it all, and my parents worked very hard for it. I guess it shows now.

It pains in a deep side of my heart to see their pain. But there is always hope. And effort. I will do what I can to take good care of them and they will be fine.

There are some things that you can’t teach. And I guess love for your parents is one such. I remember as a teenager, when my grand-parents were visiting us, my father told us that we must talk to them and not let them feel lonely.  I learnt from the way my parents lived and cared for their parents. I learnt from my mom to love my in-laws as my parents. And I am blessed with good in-laws. I stay in mom’s place helping them, leaving kid behind with my in-laws. I couldn’t do it without their support. So yes, it is mutual. I learnt a lot of my values from my parents and I am proud of it.

Hope heals and I pray that my mom feels that hope too, that she will be fine.
Incoherent post, but I had to get this out of my system. J


Jeevan said...

My dad is also supposed to take cataract surgery soon and doctor is advice to reduce his blood sugar to go for. That’s indeed pain to see our dear ones, esp. parents and I couldn’t be easy when they are stressed and in pain. Nice to see u taking care of parents and your in-laws very helpful and kind making it possible. I’m sure u mom will get well soon. U take care.

monu said...

hope it goes well for your dad. Modern medicine has improved so much that there is a cure for most problems. My mom went to Sankara netralaya. She is feeling better now, so she hopes to have the other eye operated withing this month, or in the first week of March