Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You know, you have ambitions, lofty ambitions. This is not bad, but actually pretty good. You set your sights high. You know you have it in you. You are past self-doubt, but you are not brimming in self-confidence either. You have judged where you are, and what you can do now. You have your lofty goal and you know the distance you need to travel. You even see the paths and auxiliary paths and fall-back paths all intertwining in the map of your mind. You know what you can be, if you reach where you want to reach. It’s all unfolding nice and clear in mind’s eye – the series of actions, you need to do. You know and you have read it all, that the first step is the biggest and the most difficult. Finally you are prepared; you tell yourself, that today’s the day. Today, you make your first big step.

Your hands reach out to begin the task. And suddenly they shrink back, overwhelmed by the gravity of this step, the responsibilities it will bring. A sudden doubt may be. And you put it off for tomorrow. Just a day delayed for destiny.


Jeevan said...

Hope u complete the task successfully, whatever it might be. Al the best :)

Jacana said...

Came across your blog ..... Thanks for this post it rang some inspirational alarms for me. Thanks

monu said...

:) I wrote that to remind myself to get moving on my life's little goals, you know, learning more for career, taking that walk everyday to lose weight, be more patient, shut up more often, be a little less sarcastic... the list goes on :)