Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trivandrum Trip Summary in pictures

Images from Trivandrum Zoo: This zoo is very well maintained and has lots of trees so it isn't all that difficult to walk around in the hot hot afternoon.

 All these wild cats have big enclosures which are being renovated, and hence you see them in cages here. We were lucky, we got to see them pretty close.

 Husband's friend's house near Trivandrum:

 Honey bees live here. And provide honey for the house. :)

 Scenes from boating trip:

Sanjay enjoyed a horse ride
 And this is why we went to Trivandrum. Husband's friend's Wedding.


Jeevan said...

interesting photos and you well taken them all! It’s been ages since I visited a zoo... and need to catch with wild animals soon.

Hope u enjoyed the trip indeed :)

Anonymous said...

I like your photos.

Risha said...

Lovely your photography. Makes me wanna visit a zoo.

monu said...

Thanks. I like the picture sin your blog too.

@Brooke Longobardi
thank you!

you must visit a zoo, I am sure your daughter will enjoy it a lot