Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Self Appraisal

Back in July, I wrote this brilliant (I excel in self-sarcasm) piece. Today on February 6th, 2012, I decided to analyze where I have gotten.
      1. Complete SCWCD certification - Fail
I did prepare properly but never got to registering for and writing the exam. Also I should mention here that it’s been close to 6 months since completing the preparation that I have also promptly forgotten all that I prepared. But all’s not bad, as I found out, I just needed to refresh once, spend a day and I had it all back in my head. J

      2. Lose 4 Kgs – Fail
I have not gained. I might have lost during the typhoid bout but I was quick to make up for it. All my life, I never gave my mom an opportunity to say – “Look at you, you have become so thin, I am worried about you”. I never ever let them worry about me. J But on the bright side, I am maintaining, without an exercise regimen, so am happy. No, I am still not finding time to get out there and exercise. But I eat sensibly and well and only home food. So there.

.     3. Write once a day on the blog.  – not much of a Fail
I have been quite regular here I suppose. If not everyday. Must mention here that I have been reading a lot. So the literary wannabe in me is still alive and kicking!

      4. I will save my appreciations and note down important things I do, in preparation for my appraisal each day – Fail
I think I did this only on July 03. A day after I wrote the post under discussion. This year’s appraisal is over and I will know in a couple of months, whether it has been any good to me. J

      5. Now we get to my favourite : As a long term goal, as of March 2013, I would be employable [I am currently employed, but I mean employable for a better role and pay], and would be looking for better opportunites. As of March 2012, I should have attended at least one interview to judge my market worthiness. – Not much of a Fail
This gives me another year. Per this plan, I should have sought opportunities outside to judge my market worthiness. But I didn’t do that. Thankfully though, it happened.At least interviews within the organization. Ever since the current project shut down, I have given two interviews within the organization for new projects. The first one went bad. I did answer about 75%, but I guess the ones I missed were the ones that might have been thought to be crucial. The second one was ok and might just work out. Fingers crossed. So I have been preparing and studying and all that.  Hoping for the best.

PS: I am not celebrating my failures here. They are just reminders that I must keep trying. Self-appraisal, if you may so say. No I am not upset either, I am way too optimistic for my own good. J. I will just keep trying harder and one day, may be a couple of years after my peers, I will definitely get there. J

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Jeevan said...

I'm sure you will succeed these all... like your confident level and way taking the fail as cool unlike hot serious.