Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Round up!

Happy New Year to All!!!!

Analysis of the year gone by:
1. I made my first ever jobshift.Very clumsily executed. And a good lesson learnt. I had three interviews that were major disappointments, and then I got the offer where I am currently working. I faced my fears, and that was a good thing. Coming to clumsy execution, I told the new place that I can join in a month. The previous place wouldn't hear of it. So I had to give a personal reason to get out.

2. Managed not to gain too much weight. Phew! I might have gained 1-2 kgs. The pair of jeans that fit me right before I lost a lot of weight are now loose around the waist, as they were a year back. So I haven't gained all that much. Phew again!

3. Year of much sickness. Typhoid, cold many many times.... Learning to not ignore my health and to listen to elders on what to do and what not to do

4. Still stay in touch with all the friends that matter. Got on facebook just a week back. Did some good deeds that warmed my heart.

5. Took career seriously. Made use of free time to brush up my skills,

6. I am going to become chithi all over again. My sister is expecting her second one. She is just about to complete the first trimester. Makes me ponder on adding to my brood too. But that's for later. I think sis is going to have a girl and I might just share that favorite girl name (which i had thought of, before Sanjay was born and then we had to think up of boy names) with her. Or I might just save it... who knows ;)

7. As happy and as optimistic and as foolish as ever!!! I couldn't ask for more....

Things to do in the New Year:

1. Work on being  a better person.
2. Attend at least one interview, to judge myself. I like where i work now and won't shift for a while.
3. Complete one certification.
4. Lose 5 Kgs.

PS: Inspired by this


Kanti Kumar said...

Hello Monu,

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monu said...

HI Kanti Kumar,
Thanks much for the invitation. How do I get started?

Kanti Kumar said...

It is a simple process to sign up on TSR. Here is the sign up form: Once you have signed up, you can post your blogs on the site, or comment on other people's blogs. You automatically get a profile page as a member and can add your profile photo to customize it for yourself.

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monu said...

Thanks! Will give it a try for sure. :)