Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New year rants

So another year. The blessing of time.. J
As much as I would like to be happy and optimistic, some things bother me

My father has been suffering from stomach ache for some time now. We have tried different medicines and different doctors. Everything works for a week and then he is back to pain. Worst thing is that he doesn’t have faith that he will get back to normalcy. But as always, we are there by his side, listening to him, comforting him, giving him hope and taking good care of him. The medicine that he is taking currently is helping him. I pray that he is fit and fine as always. I haven’t known him any other way. He always had a spring in his step and an optimistic outlook. It hurts to see him sad. He is in my sister’s house now and should be diverted enough to not dwell on his health problems. And hopefully 2012 will cure him completely, and this will just be a passing cloud.

Sanjay – we discovered that he has 5 cavities. A little something in my heart burst on hearing this. We got one filled yesterday and will follow up to get the others filled. This when I haven’t ever given him a bottle, and been brushing his teeth twice a day everyday for two years. But he has a sweet tooth and one that we indulge. No more chocolates or sweets for him. Sigh! Almost feel like a failure. Why my child? And all that.. but well, I have to take care that there are no more cavities.

There you go, my major concerns. And then, there’s hair loss that I seem to be suffering from. I was complaining about it to my husband, when he tells me that if I stop making fun of him, my hair fall problem would cease to exist. (I always make fun of him saying that he will go bald in five years. I have been doing this for about six years and no, he’s not bald, not even this close to bald..) Hmmm… I can see the strains of nearing 30 on me. This May I will only be 29. It’s 2013 that will worry me. Till then… I wouldn’t fret that much I guess.

And the MIL has been having issues adjusting to her new dentures. It is quite sad to see someone in pain. But hopefully it will settle-in in sometime.

And this brings me to something I feel strongly about – the advantages of Joint family system. I live with my in-laws. My parents live 4 KMs away from me. We are always there for each other. The fact that there are others to share and care means so much. Yes, there is some loss of privacy, and sometimes, you might feel like your life is being run by your parents, this when you are nearing 30. (At times I stop to think if Sanjay would feel like his life is being run by me, but then he is not yet four!!) But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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prabukarthik said...

time can do strange things.. good one :)