Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Bye!

He sat there rolling chapatti dough into tiny balls.

In another time not so long back, she would sit near him and turn those balls into circular chapattis. He wouldn't have rolled 10 balls, and she would ask him to go rest, for his hands might hurt.

Was this a budding romance? No, they have been married for a decade.

How things change when you least expect them to? Love alone wasn’t enough to kill those misbehaving cells.

He sat there, frozen in time, unable to say Good-bye!

PS: I wrote this for the 88 word challenge at the Writer's club in office.
Dedicated to maami who loved maama a lot, and to maama for still holding on to her love. 

PPS: Not to spoil the cheer of the season. I couldn't come up with anything else for the topic - Good bye! One of the members had a joyous take on Good bye. He had written about Marriage- Good bye to bachelorhood. 

Anyways, Season's Greetings to all the visitors and readers of my blog. May you get whatever your heart desires. May your eyes see all the Joy surrounding you! Happy New Year!

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