Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Random bullet-point events from the recent past:
  • Recently a colleague of mine asked me how many months I have been married. And this was during lunch. Everyone at the table started laughing, because I am just not that young. I think the colleague realized and she asked me, do you have a baby? Well, no I have a school going son. “But you don’t look that old!” For the rest of the day, I was floating!Well, till I got stuck with work till 10 PM. And then I forgot to do something and the next day morning I heard the good news about things not working, so am back at office. Status: Work is in progress 
  • Yesterday we were at my husband’s cousin’s wedding. My husband wore a new formal shirt which looked real nice on him. A little boy commented that my husband looks like the bride-groom. I think that made the rest of my husband’s evening.
  • We had lots of time to kill yesterday. And I took Sanju out with me to shop simply because the Wedding hall was pretty close to the shopping hub of Chennai. I had promised Sanju a toy. And before taking him to the Toys section, I was simply looking at the handbags on display. And then Sanjay tells me – “You already have a handbag. Why are you looking at these?” – already!!
  •  I love weddings. They are always fun. I love wearing the lovely heavy silk sarees. When else do I get to wear them? I also get to simply sit around and eat and watch random people. This once I was not chasing Sanjay. He found playmates and kept himself busy. Not to forget, listening in on interesting conversations, apart from making mundane ones myself!


Jeevan said...

I always look forward to eat in wedding, because it's special like anything. Hope u all had fun at wedding and seems Sanjay is watching u carefully :)

monu said...

yes I had fun.. and Sanjay is growing up.. today he suprised us with some swear words.. :(

Prabukarthik said...

'already' ahaa :)