Monday, December 05, 2011


It was like time travel written about in Science fiction books. Here she was in her present, sitting calmly. And suddenly the world around her begins to spin. And suddenly it’s as if she is herself, from a few years ago. Everything’s the same and yet everything is so different.

She is young and naive. No tinge of cynicism hues her thoughts. She visits this very temple everyday at the same specific time. And she prays for the same two things fiercely. She could never leave the others, the world.They were always there in her prayers, added as if in conclusion. But the two things that seemed to matter the most, was what her lips repeatedly muttered with generous sprinkling of pleases. Please God! Please God! There was so much pleading in her inner voice that those who didn’t look into her eyes would never know. There’s no point going into what she wanted. At that stage of her life, it was what she desperately wanted. She did all she could in her might. But she couldn’t influence other people’s minds. Her faith could do that. God could do that.

It was so real that she pinches herself to bring herself to the present. Tears coat her eyes. She can’t believe that whatever she had desperately prayed for, God had given her. Yet for so many years, in so many places of worship and non-worship, this had never occurred to her. Every stage in life brings its own needs and its own prayers.
But this once, just this once, when she was all by herself, with her thoughts, and the history of the place, all she felt was contentment. There was nothing more to ask. Thanks! – Her lips muttered, as she closed her eyes in Prayer.