Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love is strange


Love is strange,
In that you know,
That it is a fault,
That you see,
In somebody you love.

Yet, let someone else
Point it out,
And your blood boils,
Like there never was,
Any fault at all.

In Absence

Love is strange
In that I learn to get by
Without you,
Not noticing the void
Left behind by your absence

Life is beautiful
There’s so much
To do, to look forward to.

And then you call me,
Reminding of the sweetness
Of your voice,
And the fact that,
You are not nearby,
Where my arms can reach,
To touch you..

And suddenly,
life seems a big void!


Love is strange
In that it hurts..

All kinds of love,
Motherly love,
Romantic love,
All kinds of love

Yet, there is hope,
In that it wouldn’t
hurt so bad,
If there were’t
so much concern

And it must have hurt
On the other side too
And then there is a smile
That love flows freely..
Between the two sides

That love is hope
And hope is love

Love lost

Love is strange
That the love for someone
Who leaves you and the world
Makes you feel responsible
For all the others
And in all of them
You see the one
You loved so much..

Forgiving love

Love is strange
That even when
Someone you love
Is unreasonable to you

You still pull over the blanket
Over that exposed toe,
On those cold nights
When one generally deeps sleep

Foolish Love

Love is strange
In that the heart
Doesn’t change it’s ways
The world calls your honesty,
And all your principles,

You put on the clothes
Of a cynic,
To get by..

But deep within,
You are that,
Naive foolish heart

That no matter
What happens,
Love always triumphs
For you..
And never hate.

For love is your life breath,
More than that,
Love is life
And life is love!

Shy love

Love is strange
That where it is
The most deep rooted,
The most established..

It still fights shy,
To sprout out that single leaf,
To prove its existence.

PS: On love - All kinds of love. 

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