Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sometimes I think to myself, that it is very difficult to keep my mouth empty. It is either filled with food or words. And since I am a little conscious of not becoming obese (key word being obese, as I am already fat), I avoid eating food all the time and mostly you would find me talking and bothering my cubicle mates at work. All this if something interesting is not happening. In the rare event of something interesting happening at work or at life, you can find my mouth shut. But that is rare.

I recently got an award at work. Yay to that! But it was not for work per se. It was the designing work that I do for the team that takes care of in-house celebrations. I design email and posters for them. And I was given the Golden star award. It was like an award ceremony. We had an MC, we had a DJ playing situational music. We had lights shining on us. We had the big-shots at work there to present us the awards. We even had a little note about each one of us read out. Mine said that I could design a mail in 15 minutes and that I am also a part of the writer’s club here. I felt so proud and so very happy. I went home to Sanjay. And he immediately took the trophy and asked me if I have got it for him, as he has been going to school regularly (Touch Wood). Yes, I said. He raised it over his head. I didn’t have a camera then to take a picture, but it was so cute. I had been intending to put in a picture here but never got around to clicking one.

This weekend we went to a restaurant along with my sister’s family. We had to wait for close to 45 minutes for food to appear. And in between waiting, Sriram said this – Even my mom doesn’t take so long. It was fun!

Yeah! And after all that saint like talk in the previous post, I am now getting angry very often. Well! At least I am honest! Phew!!After maintaining calm over a period of time, I tend to get provoked. Looks like emotions can’t lay dormant for too long. But I must learn to control my anger. Period. But I don't easily hate. There are times I lose my cool and shout like a mad woman. But that's it. And that's something I must learn to stop doing.

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