Monday, October 03, 2011

Love of a child

How huge must your tiny little heart be?
That it could hold so much unadulterated love..
All of five years, you prepare to welcome
your three year old brother,
you shop little treats for him,
and tempting as it might have been for you,
you still choose to wait for your little brother,
so you both can share your little treats…

How at your tender age,
you still teach a grown-up to love..

PS: Dedicated to my nephew Sriram, and to his magnanimity and his loving heart..when he is old enough to read an understood, I would probably show him this.
We were supposed to go spend a few days in my sister’s house. Sanjay fell sick and we never went.
But Sriram was waiting for Sanjay, to come and eat the sweets together…

I took four days off  from work, to coincide with Sanjay's school holiday. Nursed him back to health, and now back.. This explains the gap in blogging!

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