Monday, October 31, 2011

Back on feet.. and running!

I was out of schedule for two weeks. First week, I was in typhoid hell. Only I didn’t know it was typhoid-hell. I knew it was some kind of hell though. Blood-shot eyes, high temperatures alternating with dropping body-temperature, followed by shivering, body pain in calf muscle and hands, constant nausea and complete lack of an appetite made sure that I realized I was in some kind of hell. Good thing, when I finally found enough strength to stand up and look at the mirror, I realized, I had actually lost weight. Such is vanity, it made me mildly happy. By the time, my fever and associated symptoms were identified as typhoid, I was actually improving. Or maybe, it was fact that I was taking the right medication. I don’t know. But I was improving.

The second week I was in typhoid-heaven, if you can believe there is some such thing. The thing is, I had typhoid, yet the symptoms were going away one by one. And I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. This was pure bliss. At this point in life, I realize, that could be my definition of heaven. I just slept and slept and ate in moderate quantities and took the medicines correctly. By the end of week two, I was fine. Doctor gave me a fitness certificate and Sanjay was in my lap.

Now I am back on schedule. I started work last week. Excuse the lack of updates in the blog. I was actually busy at work. Yes, that happens too. It is a world full of surprises. I actually worked on Diwali. But Diwali was still fun. I wrapped up my work soon and then went home to burst fire-crackers with Sanjay. Now work has eased down a bit.

So am completely back to schedule. Work at office, regular work at home. Everything. Even shopping. Saturday I actually went to shop in rain. I thought I would be only fool, but there were so many other people in the shop. Nice! Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and I bought him a nice silk shirt. Pure silk shirt and it doesn’t look over the top or anything like that. Looks very nice, and even more nice with Veshti. So there..
Hope everyone out there had fun Diwali as well!


Jeevan said...

Glad to see u back with full of energies and enthusiastic! yep, i too had fun filled Diwali alike u and sanjay :)

monu said...

thanks.. i know. i follow your blog!