Friday, October 14, 2011


When you are running faster than what your body can catch up, this is bound to happen. My health has been on a little vacation for sometime now. Only today morning, the blood test result came, and I have initial stages of typhoid. Now that the problem has been identified and am taking the right medicines, I am feeling so much better.Compare this to yesterday, when my head was spinning with ideas on what could be wrong with me, knowing is a relief. Blood test ruled out Malaria,double relief. I am staying away from kid.

Anyway, expect a little less activity around here. Once I am fit and fine, which should be in a week, me thinks - regular programming will continue.

And now for the Oscar moment - thanks to my MIL/FIL/Husband for taking good care of me. If love does not heal, i don't know, what else will.....


Jeevan said...

Glad to know your loved ones are near to take care of you... but u too take care, dear :)

monu said...

thanks Jeevan.. am much better.. thanks for all your comments!