Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I wonder at this
lack of words..
it is like time
as it goes by
is swallowing up my words

I flow along
doing everyday tasks
and it doesn't bother me,
this lack of words,
till I stop to think..

And then a million thoughts abound,
the scariest among them-
is it the slow death of love?
Or can there be such a thing?
It overwhelms me
into silence again..

But there can never be true silence
in the mind, Can it?
And thoughts remind me,
that in some of life's most beautiful moments,
I only had silence and tears for company..

And then I smile,
happy to know,
to be reminded,
That love doesnt need words,
That love doesn't lay rules!


Jeevan said...

There isn't quite silence and how well we are sure is an unanswered question.

monu said...

hmm... that was a little deep... deeper than my thoughts while writing this.. :)