Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Escape!

I have never known what it feels like to have an affair.And i don't intend to find out either!
But having a hobby is the closest that i have to come that feeling.
Because here i am supposed to be doing something, being all prim and proper, and then suddenly, i am poetess, lost in thought, living in a beautiful magical world in my head.. don't you think, this feeling comes pretty close?
That feeling of escaping from reality and boredom, that excuse to get away from what you are doing everyday,
in my case work and constant learning, that escape to a magical land, you are still here, surrounded by your worries,
but just for sometime, you can indulge in suspension of disbelief..
Wrting a poem at work, reading something of a literary marvel, or plain reading a poem in my native language, makes me smile and the joy is so infectitious as to drive away my worries..

Fine, i wont stretch the analogy further.. but having a hobby , and one that you are passionate about is pure joy!!

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